This Wealthy Man Has Been Giving To The Homeless Since 2012. You Won’t Believe What It Is.


Ever since 2012, Mark Bustos has been doing something for his community, in the best way that he knows how. And this is free haircuts, for the homeless that are less fortunate than him. He is actually a licensed hair stylist, and his hair, you can say, defines what he does.  He likes to do […]

These Are 13 Reasons Why Your Basically Useless Without The Interwebs. #9 Made Me Laugh So Hard I Cried.


I don’t know what I’d do without these kinds of useless reasons to why I basically be useless without the interwebs. But check em out, then share it if you loved it. 1). Grandma always loved to eat while at the computer, and the Blue Man is here to help this time.  2). What would you […]

Riding Waves While Surfing Is Awesome. But These Waves You Might Want To Avoid. Crazy.


I was once a surfing materialistic guy. But after seeing these, I don’t really know what to say. They’re really good for looking at and admiring the art of how they became what they are today. But any ways, “Wave Rock” is actually a natural formation in Western Australia which, as you may have guessed […]

Is It Really Possible For Biohackers To Succeed At Creating “Real Vegan Cheese”?


Here is a scientist, trying to create Real Vegan Cheese. He is a biohacker, located at the Counter Culture Labs which is in Oakland, California. A smart group of Oakland, California-based biohackers actually believe they can create “Real Vegan Cheese”. And their goal is, a cheese that is made with no animal products that will […]

Jupiter And Venus Form A Bonding Together Like Never Before In The Morning Sky


These two planets are pretty soon getting close to each other, and they will appear their closest for the North American viewers on August 19th, 2014. Despite them being over 400,000,000 miles away from each other, this Monday on August 18th, they will be closer to each other than ever before (it’s probably a one […]

NASA Says We’re One Step Closer To Getting To Mars


I’m not totally excited about Mars, and scientists have already confirmed we are not alone, but NASA (for the least part), has confirmed that we are one step closer to getting to Mars. Though some scientists are questioning if this new “redirect plan” is going to get humans any closer to the Red Planet in […]

Flying Butterfly Headed Reptiles DID Exist Back In The Dinosaur Age


A whole new species of flying reptile coming from the era of Cretaceous, called “Caiuajara dobruskiii”. This species has been unearthed from southern Brazil, amazingly. They’re like mini dragons. Do they breathe fire?, let’s find out. These ancient flying reptiles have a really weird, butterfly like head that has been unearthed in Brazil. The newest […]

This Lego Cyborg Arm Will Crush Your Lego Castle, But Not You


Lego!, is my childhood addiction. And thanks to the Lego and Robotics enthusiast, Diavo Voltaggio, a prototype of a cyborg arm has been created. Lego Mindstorms is what he used to make this, and it’s damn cool. This, is probably not going to be a helping hand for any upcoming war amp members. But at […]

Rare Blurring Black Hole Light Spotted In Space

black hole

According to NASA, they have just spotted a rare blurring black hole light in space, and all the regions around these supermassive black holes shine brightly in X-rays. Some of the radiation actually comes from a surrounding disk, and most of it all comes from the corona. Pictured here you will see an artists concept […]

Mice And Laser Beams Now Have Alot In Common Thanks To Scientific Research. Incredible.


This new research just being done, for some reason, reminds me of Austin Powers, and you might know why.Apparently, there is no need for surgery, when mapping a live mouse’s brain. Lasers do that now, and chemists from Stanford University have developed a way to map the brain using carbon nanotubes and also laser beams. […]