These 10 Images Show Battle Scars Of The Battlefield From WW1. #7 Cause Me To Break Down. I Couldn’t Take It.


There are still pieces of land in Europe that show the battle scars from the first ever World War, where thousands died in serving their countries. A landscape photographer has taken these images (Michael St. Maur Sheil), so that you can see the trenches and packmarks from those exploded bombshells. And in the first image […]

A Busy Zoo That Is Forgotten In Time Gave Me Goosebumps. I Cannot Bear To Witness This Any Longer.


This, is a zoo that is located in Detroit (that probably gives you some clues to why it’s abandoned right away). It’s in the middle of the Detroit River, on Belle Isle. This is a sprawling park that was designed by the same landscape architect that is responsible for New York’s Central Park, and his […]

Drowning Puppy.. Stuck In A Well.. What Do You Do?. This Was UNBEARABLE To Watch!


This puppy was stuck in a well that you would never have expected to have survived. If no one saw the puppy, nothing would have happened to it, and it would of drowned. That’s why what you will be seeing in the video is heart breaking, and you can only see for yourself to understand […]

This Never Happens When Your Dog Goes Near A Fawn. It’s Hard To Watch.


The last time I saw a video of a dog going near a deer, something tragic happened. It almost seemed like that in this video, but take a look closer and see what you find. It’s definitely a story worth telling, you can’t put a story like this away in your browser history, it must […]

You’d Think Driving Down This Cliff Is Safe. But These Passengers Next Expected What Happens Next.


At least this ended in a good way. But what happens in this video is unbelievable, I wouldn’t care if my clothes got wet. It’s definitely one I’ve just bookmarked. What these guys actually expected was for the bus to fall down the cliff, that’s the only thing everyone was worrying about. Where they are, […]

This Bus Looks Okay At First On A Narrow Cliff. Then All Of The Sudden.. NOO!!!!!


I can honestly say it was hard to watch this at first. The bus looked okay at first, then all of the sudden it started to move sideways. After that, you just have to see for yourself. Muddy roads and a narrow cliff, with a 1000 foot drop, is just a bad situation to be […]

A Groom Was Just Getting Married When Something Hilarious Happened. I Couldn’t Stop Laughing Myself! LOL!.


I couldn’t believe it myself. If this happened to me, I would probably start laughing so hard that I’d be crying. It’s sad to say but, let’s just say that this is probably the most memorable wedding anyone could ever have. And thankfully, everyone can see it now. So share it on Facebook, let your […]

This Man Was Shot In The Face. After Seeing His Surgery All I Did Was Shed Tears.

Richard Lee Norris

This man’s name is Richard Norris. And he is no longer camera shy He’t a 39 year old guy who was shot in the face, causing his whole face to be disfigured. by an accidental gunshot wound to his face in 1997. He was then given a whole new aspect on life in 2012. A […]

The Wife Refused A Pregnant Photo Shoot. So The Husband Volunteered…. A Must See.


I never thought a guy would come up with an idea like this. But it seems it has happened just this very moment. A couple were happy with knowing they had a child on the way, but the wife didn’t want to do a photo shoot of herself with her big belly showing. So the […]

These High School Graduates All Have Something To Say For Themselves. What’s Said In The Last Photo Took My Heart Away.


In a title of this post, it goes like “Ashly Cunningham Knows Shes Got It”. I think that is basically someone trying to speak for someone that they went to school with. It may be difficult to understand but, maybe you can make out what she meant in the images below. They all speak for […]