Steer Clear, These Crabs Are Crossing The Road, OMG! Its An Invasion! HELP!


I almost thought these were leaves on the ground, when I then looked closer, and realized that they were actually something large and red. After looking even further, I noticed that these pictures were so perfect, because they resembled something so interesting. They are crabs. On Christmas Island, located in the Indian Ocean in between […]

At First I Saw A Kiddy Pool, Then Looked Deeper And WOW, I’m Scared.


You are looking at something you could only see to believe, but these images should give you a glimpse of what it’s like. This place is called the “Deep Joy”, which is the worlds deepest pool. It’s 42 meters deep, with a height of over 14-stories. The pool measures in at 18 meters at the […]

13 Reasons Why Santa Knows You’ve Been Bad This Year. #5 Is Why He Won’t Climb Down My Chimney.


1. This I would definitely have to remove from my front yard sometime soon. Aaaaand we have Santa humping a ladder… . #creepysanta #behaveSanta A video posted by Beth F. (@mamab77) on Nov 11, 2014 at 12:08pm PST 2.   If Santa was really like this, I would start telling all of my friends to […]

Leaves Are Potentially Dangerous To Train Tracks, So Let’s Use Lasers To Burn Them Off


Leaves can be potentially dangerous to train tracks according to the experts who manage the safety behind trains like the one you see below. During the fall, leaves fall everywhere. And since train tracks are basically always near trees and such, they pose a danger towards trains. But now, an invention has been put into […]

Being Fat Can Take Up To 8 Years Off Your Total Lifespan


According to the McGill University in Canada, being severely obese can actually take up to eight years off of your life, and can cause decades of bad health, according to a report released from the university. It was also shown in the analysis that being obese at a young age was a lot more damaging […]

I Never Believed Fish Could Fly Until Now!, This Is Amazing!


Flying fish are not a new thing, they’ve been doing it for years. And a record-breaking school of mobular rays just arrived in the video below off the coast of Baja. National Geographic got first dibs on it, to show it to the world. These “Mobular Rays” tend to jump out of the water alot […]

This Bus Driver Decided To Stop All Of The Sudden. What Happened After I Could Never Believe


A man named André Grandin whom is a bus driver in Sweden, somehow made a stop unexpectedly and eventually completely ditched his whole bus with the passengers inside, and no one complained at all. Why?. André stopped the whole bus journey in between Vara and Lidkoping in southern Sweden all for one thing, which was […]

I Honestly Never Knew Furniture Could Get This Big, But Realized Afterwards That It’s Simply Pure Genious


Within the city of High Point, North Carolina, there is a gigantic chest of drawers, which I never noticed how big it was until I looked down. The two colossal monuments were actually put up for the celebration of the city’s reputation as the “Furniture Capital of the World”, as the title for the city […]

This Lioness Ate A Baboon Mother, And What She Did Next With The Baby Blew My Mind. Incredible.


Photographers Lisa Holzwarth and Evan Schiller were taking pictures and taking video out in northern Botswana when they came across a massive group of thirty to forty chaotic baboons charging by them. It then was known that they were running from a few lions that were chasing after them. The lions were actually roaring while […]

This Video Is PROOF, That Cat’s Are TRULY Smarter Than Dogs. You Must See It To Believe It


I recently heard about this on the news and, luckily I was able to get first dibs on it through this video taken of what happened. Fortunately, the kid is ok. What happened was, the kid was riding his bike outside his home, and this was right on the left side of an SUV. The […]